WIECON – ECE 2019 Paper Review Results

*** Kindly Note Papers that do not have at least one FEMALE author will not be allowed to present at the WIECON

*** Kindly ensure that the authors have provided the right details.

### Papers with a similarity percentage greater than the thresh hold have to be edited to conform to the IEEE standards of <30%, else they will not be uploaded on to the IEEE Xplore digital library.

Accepted Papers

Paper ID Papers
2 Bestow: A Location-based Mobile Application for Religious Donors in Context of Bangladesh
3 Classifying Smartphone Performances Using Radio Call Trace Data
4 Treatment of Water Algae by Water Surface Discharge Plasma
7 Offline Kannada Handwritten Character Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
12 Context-based Semantic Search Diversification
13 Half – TEM horn antenna for EMI/C applications
14 Prototype design and implementation of a security system based on face detection and recognition
17 EAODBT: Efficient Auditing for Outsourced Database with Token Enforced Cloud Storage
20 Design of Conformal Multiband Antenna and its Gain Enhancement using Metamaterial Lens
21 Convolutional Neural Network Models for Content Based X-Ray Image Classification
22 Digital Implementation of Electronic Counter Counter Measure Features in Radar Transmitter
23 A Framework for Next Generation Agricultural Marketing System in Indian Context
27 Bifurcation of votes on Online Social Networks based on Sybil and Trusted Users
29 Investigation on Hybrid Precoding for multi-user MIMO systems
36 Reduction Factor Approach to Improve the Performance of Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm in AWGN Channel
37 Random Forest Based Fault Classification Technique for Active Power System Networks
41 Understanding the Student’s Behavioural Pattern in e-learning Environment
55 Real-time Bangla Sign Language Detection using Xception Model with Augmented Dataset
56 Cost Efficient Bangla Book Reader for the Visually Impaired
57 Research on Automatic Mapping Technology Based on SCD Model
60 Analyzing Impact Of Various Design Parameters On Metallic Particles Trajectories In Single Phase GIB Using Monte Carlo Technique
61 Design and Implementation of Bluetooth-Beacon based Indoor Positioning System
62 Dark Channel Processing for Medical Image Enhancement
70 A Fast and Compact Binary to BCD Converter Circuit
72 A Paradigmatic Approach to Exploratory Data Analysis Utilizing New York’s Road Traffic to Derive Coherent Inferences
73 Development of a Remote Tracking Security Box with Multi-Factor Authentication System Incorporates with a Biometric Sensing Device
74 Voice-activated Open-loop Control of Wireless Home Automation System for Multi-functional Devices
82 Rounding Based Approximate Multiplier for High Speed Digital Signal Processing
83 Improved Fractional Order Relay For Unstable and Higher Order Stable Processes
86 Capitalizing on QoS and performance evaluation of cooperative spectrum sensing
87 Synthesis & Study of Zinc Titanium Aluminate Nanoceramic Composite for Patch Antenna Application
89 E 2 -CL:Energy Efficient Cooperative Localization in Cognitive Radio Network
92 Smart Electronic Cane for the Assistance of Visually Impaired People
94 Approximate Optimization of Gabor Filter Parameters in Application to Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images
97 Non-invasive Blood Glucose Measurement System
98 Asic implementation of rabbit stream cipher encryption for data
101 Comparison of Hidden Markov Model and Artificial Neural Network Based Machine Learning Techniques Using DDMFCC Vectors for Emotion Recognition in Kannada
103 Design and Implementation of a Nursing Robot for Old or Paralyzed Person
104 Lifetime Maximization of IoT Network by Optimizing Routing Energy
108 Breast Cancer Histopathology Image Classification and Localization using Multiple Instance Learning
110 A Novel Deep Learning RBM Based Algorithm for Securing Containers
111 A Transformerless Current Source Inverter for Grid Connected PV System
112 Computation and correction of dynamic white balance in the automotive cameras
113 A Compact Quantum Cost-Efficient Design of a Reversible Binary Counter
114 Implementation of OFDM System with Companding for PAPR Reduction using NI-USRP and LabVIEW
115 Design of Real-time Drowsiness Detection System using Dlib
118 Development of Control Strategy to Demonstrate Load Priority System for Demand Response Program
121 A Proposed Integrated System Towards Digitizing the Maternal Health and Children Support Process in Developing Countries
122 Design and Evaluation of Conceptual Ontologies for Electrochemistry as a Domain
123 Performance Analysis of Multipurpose AGROBOT
126 Pedestrian Detection using Fuzzy Clustering and Histogram of Oriented Gradients
129 Design and Simulation of Resistor Less Active Filter Using 22-nm CNTFET-Current Conveyor-II
132 Socially Assistive Robot for children with Austism Spectrum Disorder
138 Power Quality Improvement in Multilevel Inverter using Open End Winding Motor Scheme
144 Assistive companion robot for elderly care
146 Closed-Loop Control of a DC-DC Four-Phase Interleaved Quadrupler for Solar Photovoltaic Applications
149 Design and Implementation of a novel QPSK demodulator for FPGA based system design
151 Speaker Identification using Gaussian Mixture Model and Support Vector Machine
152 Algorithm for handover decision in IEEE 802.11 WLAN Environment based on Fuzzy Logic
159 Gate Tunable Electro-Luminescence in Asymmetric Vertical Heterojunction OLET Based on Pentacene and Alq3- A Simulation Study
163 Smart Power Cut Monitoring in Distribution Lines using Sensors
164 Two Novel Design Approaches for Optimized Reversible Multiplier Circuit
167 RCA Prediction using Machine Learning
168 An IoT based Automated Door Accessing System for Visually Impaired People
171 Characteristics Improvement of AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMT by Thickness and Doping Concentration Variation of GaN Doped Layer
173 Network traffic classification by packet length signature extraction
174 Bangla Sign Language Recognition with Skin Segmentation and Binary Masking
178 Intelligent Clogged Sewer Control System

Conditionally Accepted Papers

Paper ID Papers
5 Supervised Aspect Category Detection of Co-occurrence Data using Conditional Random Fields
11 Arduino based V/F Drive for a Three Phase Induction Motor using Single Phase Supply
31 Monocular Vision system of Hot-line Working Robot in 110kV Substation
34 Practicability of embarrassingly parallel computations for enormous miniature workloads over massive underutilized IoT
38 Smart waste monitoring and management system
42 A Novel Algorithm Based on Autoencoder Neural Network for Securing Containers
43 Asymptotic Analysis of Generalized Energy-Based Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radios
49 A Non Invasive Method: NIR Sensor-based Monitoring of Blood Glucose level
53 Subscriber Gender Prediction in Telecom Using Deep Learning
65 Development of Facial Expression Reader using Neural Networks
80 Machine learning based ambulance travel time reduction system to enhance lifesaving probability
96 Tiny Object Detection: Comparative Study using Single Stage CNN Object Detectors
102 An Analogy of VSC with MMC Topology for HVDC application
106 Dimensionality Reduction
107 Sensor data management for Autonomous Driving
124 Modified High Gain Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter (SEPIC) Based DC-DC Converter With Multiple Inductor Multiplier Cell
128 EARTHBOT- The Smart Sanitation Robot
137 Impact of Grains on Thermal Transport of Poly Crystalline Graphene Nanoribbon
140 Design of class F power amplifier for 2.4GHz using third harmonics
143 Predicting Social Emotions based on Textual Relevance for News Documents
154 Mobile Phone Usability and its Influence on Brand Loyalty and Re-Purchase Intention: An Empirical Study
155 Design and Optimization of a Class A RF Power Amplifier Using ADS for ISM Band Applications
156 A Sub-1GHz Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for IoT
160 Intrusion Detection System using Naive Bayes algorithm
165 Inertial Reflex Model of Nightmare Actigraphy using Double Empirical Margins for the Blinded
172 A Spectral Centroid Based Analysis of Heart sounds for disease detection Using Machine Learning