Which Type of Instagram Ad is Not a Type of Instagram Ad?

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Which of the following is not a type of instagram ad  Instagram has many different options for advertising your business, service, or product. Instagram ads allow you to tell a story through photos and video, and can help you stand out from your competitors in the feeds of people who are looking for what you have to offer.

Instagram photo ads can feature one or multiple images, a caption, and a call to action. They can also include a link in your bio that takes users to more information, like your website or storefront. Instagram photo ads are most commonly used for driving traffic, generating leads, or increasing brand awareness.

Understanding Instagram Ads: A Guide to Different Type

With video, you can convey more information to your audience quickly and effectively, and can often catch their attention faster than a photo. Instagram offers a range of video formats, including Reel ads, which appear as a regular Reel to users on the platform, and Collection ads, which can use both photos and video.

Shopping ads, also known as shoppable ads, allow your followers to swipe through a selection of products or services you’re offering. When they’re ready to make a purchase, they can tap “Shop Now” and will be taken to your Instagram Instant Experience Storefront, where they can get more details or buy the products directly from you. Instagram allows you to show shopping ads in the Feed, Stories, or in the Explore section of the app. You can also target them by gender, age range, location, interests, and behaviors.

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