Offshore Streaming Server

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A Offshore Streaming Server | server is a computer or network that delivers online videos to viewers. Just like any other website, online video is based on HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). When a viewer clicks play on a video, their computer makes a connection to a server somewhere in the world that loads the appropriate video file from storage and streams it to the user.

How does offshore hosting work?

Rather than investing in costly in-house video servers, businesses can use a cloud-based solution that allows predictable, smoothly scaling billing, staff time and maintenance costs, and support for marketing, monetization, security, and more. Some of these solutions include a wide range of tools for live streaming, on-demand (VOD) video hosting, and more.

The Best Offshore Streaming Servers for Your Business

There are many different streaming server hosting platforms out there that cater to various industries, including sports, education, and marketing. For example, Dacast offers both live and VOD server services, and its professional plan includes features like 24/7 tech support, player customization, and multiple monetization methods.

Wistia is a marketing-focused streaming solution that supports white labeling, and it includes a variety of video marketing tools. The professional plan starts at $99 per month and includes video embedding, ad-free streaming, password protection, and more.

The important thing to remember about offshore streaming servers is that they have to be able to handle high traffic and lots of data transfers. This means that they have to have a large amount of bandwidth and the ability to scale up or down as necessary. This is vital for websites that have rich graphics and videos, as many of these require more dedicated bandwidth than other types of content.

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