How to Use LinkedIn Carousels to Increase Organic Reach

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LinkedIn carousels are a great way to share multiple pieces of content that your audience can swipe through. You can use a carousel to share “How-To” articles, checklists, repurposed blog content, or infographics. Carousels are easy to create and provide one of the best pathways for organic reach on the platform.

To create a linkedin carousel, click the “document” icon on your homepage feed or select it from the upload options in the “Create a post” window when creating a new post. Then add your document and select a caption. Once your carousel is created, click Post to publish it to your profile and followers.

Maximizing Impact: Strategies for Crafting Compelling LinkedIn Carousel Content

Like any other type of social media post, a linkedin carousel must be compelling and well-formatted. Follow the AIDA principle to draw your audience in: attention, interest, desire, and action.

Ensure your documents are PDFs and have a high-quality resolution. Also, avoid using image file formats (like JPGs or PNGs) as they won’t display correctly in a linkedin carousel.

To maximise your reach, include a call to action in the last slide of your document carousel. This will prompt your audience to act immediately and will increase the likelihood of them converting or downloading your content. For example, gener8 uses their LinkedIn carousel to promote a white paper and encourages users to download it in exchange for their contact details through a form. This increases their chances of conversion and builds trust with their audience.

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