Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

*** Kindly Note Papers that do not have at least one FEMALE author will not be allowed to present at the WIECON

*** Kindly ensure that the authors have provided the right details.

### Papers with a similarity percentage greater than the thresh hold have to be edited to conform to the IEEE standards of <30%, else they will not be uploaded on to the IEEE Xplore digital library.

There were a few questions raised by some of you and I would like to address these below for everyone’s benefit:

1. What does a conference registration mean?

The conference registration is for an individual and not for a paper. An individual can be an author, participant, volunteer, speaker, panelist, …

2. What are the options available for an author registration?

Author registration is for one individual author.

It is for one author only and in case more authors are planning to attend, they have to register separately.

Each author registration allows for the presentation of up to two papers (for the same author).

Every additional paper by the same author needs to be paid for separately (kindly check the registration page in the WIECON site for the specifics)

3. Can an additional page fee be waived off?

No.  We cannot waive off the additional page fees (for greater than 4 pages).

4. My team is a mix of both male and female authors. Should only the female author present at the conference?

No. It is not compulsory for the female author to present at the conference, but the paper has to have at least one female author.

Any paper that does not have at least one female author will not be allowed to present.

5. Are my papers shared with anyone other than the reviewers?

No. The papers are not shared with anyone other than the reviewers and even that is in a double-blind manner.

6. I am unable to attend the conference in person. Can I present it through Skype or online?

We are in the process of checking for the possibility of having one online session, but that decision can be taken once we have tested the facilities available at the venue. However, at this stage, this does not guarantee this.

We request the authors who have challenges attending the event to kindly register and send us a formal letter from your institution stating the reason. Only these cases will be considered for the online track. We will return the registration fees, in case we are unable to run an online track.

7. What is my Paper ID?

All your papers are identified by the Paper ID that was provided to you when you first submitted your paper. You need to quote the same Submission ID for all future purposes.

Additionally, a number is generated when you create the camera-ready version, kindly quote that as well.

8. I am an international participant. Can I get a letter for my travel?

In case you need a letter for obtaining your visa for attending the conference, please write to us separately and we can take it up at the earliest to ensure a smooth process.

9. I am getting errors while submitting my camera ready paper?

In case any errors are generated, kindly inform us and we will get back to assist you.

10. My e-copyright form says 2018 and not 2019, should I submit?

We are working on this glitch. Kindly bear with us. Please go ahead and upload your papers. We will sort out this issue at the earliest.

11. e-Copyright Submission generated a signed copyright form to my mail. I did not upload the form anywhere as there was no link provided.

The e-copyright form is directly uploaded to a database. You can share the same with us via email.

12. Post that payment registration was done, where we will give author details and paper ID.

We will be sharing a google form with the authors separately to obtain the papers that you would be presenting.

As mentioned earlier, only two papers can be presented per registration. Additional papers require an additional fee to be paid.

13. Post that payment registration was done, where we will give author details and paper id, and received the payment receipt.

All registered authors will be receiving a google form where you will need to upload the following details.

  • Author/ Attendee Name
  • Email
  • Registration – Explara Ticket No.
    • Paper ID 1
    • Corresponding Female Author Details
    • Paper Presenter Details
    • Camera Ready Copy
    • e-Copyright copy
    • Proof of IEEE PDF eXpress compliant pdf
    • Paper ID 2
    • Corresponding Female Author Details
    • Paper Presenter Details
    • Camera Ready Copy
    • e-Copyright copy
    • Proof of IEEE PDF eXpress compliant pdf
  • Any additional papers accepted/ to be presented

14. What is the Paper Presentation Schedule?

We will be sharing the paper presentation schedule once we close the registrations.

15. Can we have your contact number for a quick turnaround of issues on a call?

This conference is being conducted through IEEE. However, all the organizers are volunteers and from different geographic areas. The authors too are from different regions.

We request you to kindly write to us at the email address: along with the Issue in the Subject Line.

One of our team members will address the issue at the earliest.