Epoxy Flooring Austin Texas

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epoxy flooring austin texas

A professional epoxy flooring system is a hardwearing floor finish that protects the concrete substrate from water, oil and chemicals. It creates a seamless, easy to clean surface that is highly decorative and provides a level of slip resistance. It can also be customised into an array of colours, patterns and textures with the inclusion of logos, geometric shapes and borders.

There are a wide variety of epoxy resin floor systems available to meet the needs of commercial and industrial applications. They range from coatings to screeds that are poured, trowelled or power floated onto a concrete substrate. They provide a high level of durability and can be customised with anti-slip, chemical-resistant, impact-resistant or other functional characteristics.

Epoxy vs. Other Flooring Options: Comparing Cost, Durability, and Maintenance

An epoxy floor coating is a thin, liquid material that is applied to a concrete substrate. It can be a single colour or multiple colours, with a choice of gloss levels (glossy, satin or matte). It can also include a non-slip profile by broadcasting sand onto the wet body coat during application. This is an important safety feature for commercial or industrial spaces as it will reduce the risk of accidents.

Epoxy terrazzo floors are created with a mix of coloured epoxy and aggregates (such as marble, mother of pearl or glass). It produces a decorative and durable flooring surface that is suitable for a wide range of environments. This type of floor system is ideal for shops, showrooms, schools and restaurants among other commercial venues thanks to its aesthetics, strength, durability and low-maintenance characteristics.

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