Bingo games may be conducted by nonprofit organizations. These organizations must have a license from the Director of Revenue to conduct bingo games. The nonprofit organization is required to hold the bingo games for the benefit of senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and those living in retirement homes or nursing homes. Nonprofit organizations must also limit the cash prizes to $5.00 for each single game or an amount that is set by the Director.

Playing the Game

If you want to play online bingo games, you need to choose a website that provides you with several security features, a large community, and timely payouts. One great option is Bingo Scanner, which offers a list of reliable bingo sites that offer free and premium membership. It is recommended to check out the full bingo guide available on The Casino Wizard to learn more about this exciting game.

There are many free bingo games available for mobile devices. Some of these games allow you to play in a variety of bingo formats and compete for cash prizes in tournaments. Some of these games can even be played offline without using up your monthly data plan. Other free bingo games can be played with other people online, including in multiplayer competitions.

GamePoint Bingo is a great free bingo app with a number of features. It includes free bingo rounds, in-game chat, and automated and manual rooms. It also provides daily bonuses that help you play more rounds.