Sex woman with nice breasts


Women with nice breasts have a certain appeal. Men fixate on them and ogle them when they see them. The reason for this fixation is not yet understood. More info :

Some scientists believe that the attraction to human breasts comes from a combination of lingering puritanism and the bombardment of advertisements that promote sex. However, other theorists argue that men are not biologically attracted to women’s breasts.

How important to ficken woman with nice breasts ?

While there are no definite explanations, a study of male preferences for breasts shows that American, Samoan, and New Zealand men like larger breasts. They also show a preference for darker areolas.

In fact, the human female breast is a unique size among the primate family. This is because women have a permanently enlarged mammary gland. These glands are responsible for producing oxytocin, a bonding hormone that is important to the mother-child bond. It increases blood flow to the genitals, which in turn causes uterine contractions.

A woman’s cleavage is a good sign of sexual maturity and is a strong indicator that she is a good choice for carrying children. It is also a good sign of health.

The erogenous zone, or nipple, is a particularly sensitive area. The most effective way to stimulate this zone is to lightly massage it. Doing this may cause a mind-blowing orgasm.

In addition to a nipple-gasm, the release of oxytocin from the nipples also initiates vaginal contractions. During this process, a woman’s sex life can be made much more pleasurable.