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Beauty in 2022

Beauty has been a stronghold for the global cosmetics industry. The sector continued to grow through 2022, thanks to the reopening of brick-and-mortar stores and growth in e-commerce (Exhibit 1).

While beauty trends are decided by social media, the e-commerce share in the category quadrupled between 2015 and 2022, with significant runway ahead (Exhibit 2). The booming online sales have been attributed to the growing sophistication of direct-to-consumer players; the rapid expansion of retail giants like Amazon and Tmall; and consumers’ increasing desire for omnichannel access to information at the point of purchase.

With more than 2 billion engagements on Instagram, the wolf cut (a choppy cut that combines a 70s shag with an 80s mullet) is one of the most prominent beauty trends in 2022. Billie Eilish, Barbie Ferriera and Keke Palmer are among the celebrities who have adopted this spiky hairstyle. Learn more graziadaily.co.uk

“Digital Glow-Up: How Social Media is Reshaping Beauty Standards in 2022

Another makeup trend that will continue in 2022 is heavy liner. The bold look can create a grunge or goth appearance and is particularly popular among younger women, according to beauty website Beauty Pie. In addition, Shiseido’s latest foundation, Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation, was formulated to even skin tone over time and defend against environmental aggressors and blue light.

As a result, the skincare industry is thriving in 2022 with a range of products claiming to protect and support the skin’s microbiome, prevent aging and reduce inflammation. These products are especially relevant for millennials who seek products that can improve their skin’s overall health and appearance. In the fragrance category, gender-neutral fragrances continue to be a hot trend as more brands launch unisex scents.

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