An Attorney in Omaha, Nebraska Can Help

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attorney in omaha ne  Demerath Law Office

An attorney in Omaha, Nebraska is an excellent resource for those in need of legal representation. For over 45 years, this firm has been helping Nebraska residents recover from accidents. Accidents happen far more often than most people realize. They leave victims with physical injuries, expensive medical bills, and lost time at work. Both physical and financial recovery are difficult, and an attorney can help speed up the process.

Help You Understand Your Options

Sandra E. Stern has decades of experience in family Demerath Law Office, and she is passionate about giving reliable legal advice and representation. Sandra has a strong desire to serve her clients and is an excellent choice for clients facing a difficult family transition. She can also represent those who need help pursuing compensation after a personal injury. With offices in Bellevue and Papillion, she serves the greater Omaha area.

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