Technical Sessions

Oral Session 1: Communications
December 15, 2018. 13:30-15.00 (Dusit 1)
9.   Effect of Weight Distribution on Vector Symbol Decoder Performance.
14. Evaluation of Automotive Power Line Communication Channels by Shrink and Spread Techniques
24. A Minimax Optimization Approach to the Spherical Codes Problem
26. Rate-Maximizing User Selection for Downlink NOMA With Effect of Log-Normal Shadowing
43. Design and Analysis of Modified Elliptical patch in stacked arrangement for circularly polarized Broadband Performance
Oral Session 2: Electronics
December 15, 2018. 13:30-15.00 (Dusit 3)
2.   Low Power Novel 10T SRAM with Stabled Optimized Area
15. Development of a Wearable Household Objects Finder and Localizer Device using CNNs on Raspberry Pi 3
25. EOG Based Home Automation System by Cursor Movement using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
34. High-Speed and Area-Efficient LUT-Based BCD Multiplier Design
65. Transport Characteristics of TMDC channel Triple Material Double Gate MOSFET
Oral Session 3: Neural Network
December 15, 2018. 13:30-15.00 (Dusit 4)
8.   Consistent Sparse Representation based on Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
28. A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bangla Handwritten Numeral Recognition
35. Matching Question and Answer Using Similarity: An Experiment with Stack Overflow
50. Probabilistic Approach of Parsing Bengali Sentences 

Oral Session 4: Digital Systems
December 15, 2018. 13:30-15.00 (Dusit 5)
32. Job Tracking and Assessment System Design and Implementation with UI/UX and Agile Methodology
33. An automated cloud-based digitized management system for Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh
53. Multi-channel Approach Towards Digitizing the Land Management System of Bangladesh
56. Towards Enterprise Data Management: Concept and Prototype for Data Model Mapping
Oral Session 5: Computer Engineering
December 15, 2018. 15:15-16.45 (Dusit 1)
3.  Linguistic Knowledge Representation and Stratification of Big Data in Social Media  Networks
6.  Query Processing for Streaming RDF Data
11. Efficient Processing of Area Skyline Query in MapReduce Framework
19. Document Concept Hierarchy Generation by Extracting Semantic Tree Using Knowledge Graph
60. Novel Class Detection in Concept Drifting Data Streams Using Decision Tree Leaves
Oral Session 6: Digital and Image processing
December 15, 2018. 15:15-16.45 (Dusit 3)
13. An adaptive descriptor for functional correspondence between non-rigid 3D shapes
20. Non-rigid Registration under Articulated Deformation for Incomplete Point Clouds Targeting 3D Human Body Reconstruction with Occlusion
22. Natural and Medical Image Encryption using Self-Adaptive Permutation and DNA Encoding
59. An Integral representation of generalized k-Mittag-Leffler function of the type
61. Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation using Residual Block Incorporated U-Net Architecture and Fuzzy Inference System 
Oral Session 7: Material
December 15, 2018. 15:15-16.45 (Dusit 4)
4.   Introducing Various BSF Materials and Different Doping Concentrations in Dual Junction Solar Cell with a view to Achieving Optimal Efficiency
41. Optimization of Coating Material Selection Using The Skin Depth Approximation
47. Structural Characteristics and Morphological studies of SnO2 powder sample synthesized by Sol Gel Route
58. Thermal Conducitivity of Silicene Nanoribbons: An Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Study 
Oral Session 8: Implementation
December 15, 2018. 15:15-16.45 (Dusit 5)
12. Monitoring and Data Collection System of Hybrid Power system at Koh Hong
40. Automatic Rail Crossing Alarming System
55. Introducing a voice synthesized visual and auditory navigator implemented for a university campus
57. Designing and Implementing a Real time weapons detection system on ODROID-XU4 
Oral Session 9: Power
December 16, 2018. 10:15-12.30 (Dusit 4)
31. A Battery Energy Storage Based Methodology to Accelerate Post-Fault Voltage and Frequency Recovery Process in Microgrid
38. Parameter Effects on Induction Coil Transmitter of Wireless Charging System for Small Electric Motorcycle
45. Location Identification Using Power and Audio Data Based on Temporal Variation of Electric Network Frequency and Its Harmonics
52. The Design of Potential Control Rings for Step Voltage Protection in Public Building Area 
Oral Session 10: Applications in Electrical Engineering
December 16, 2018. 10:15-12.30 (Dusit 5)
5.   Assessment on A Talking Device of Weight and Height for the Visually Impaired Students
21. A Cloud Removal Algorithm Based on A Level-set Method : Case Study Multitemporal LANDSAT 8 OLI Images
51. Analysis on gender differences in energy conservation behavior
64. Deviation Settlement Mechanism Linked with Market Price in Indian Power Sector 


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