5. Humanitarian Activity Track

  1. Energy:
    Renewable Energy; Off-grid Energy for Lighting, Cooking and Heating.
  2. Health:
    Medical technology, Telemedicine, Mobile Clinics, Primary Care and Nutrition.
  3. Disaster Management
    Disaster Planning and Preparedness; Predictive, Warning and Response Systems; Community Mobilization; Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Response.
  4. Connectivity& Communication
    Communication and Information Technologies, Systems, Apps; Social Media and Its Application;
  5. Humanitarian Challenges & Opportunities
    Logistics and Transportation; Infrastructure, Information, and Human Security; Shelters; Interagency Coordination; Human-Centered System Design; Participatory Methods and Local Economic Stimulation.
  6. Water & Sanitation
    Clean Water; Sanitation; Solid Waste Management; Disease Vector Control; Drainage and Hygiene.
  7. Agriculture
    Agricultural Technologies, Irrigation and Farming Practices.
  8. Education
    Training and Capacity Building; Programs; Methods and Service Learning.
  9. Deployment
    Scale-up, Distribution, Implementation, and Commercialization of Humanitarian Technologies.